Episode 125 - Stackin’ Reviews


It's all in the name kiddos. This episode is jam-packed full of reviews. Monster kicks things off by ranting, again, about the band Thrice and the evolution of their sound. This leads to M&W giving their thoughts on the new Paramore album, "After Laughter." Paramore is a perfect segue for the new New Found Glory album, "Makes Me Sick," and Monster gives his rollercoaster thoughts on the album. Trust me, there's a connection between these bands. He also talks about Burger Kings new, "Steak King" sandwich as well as Oreo's, "Fireworks" and "Waffles and Syrup" flavors. The Starz show, "American Gods," gets some shine and the duo wrap things up by discussing the 2017 thriller, "Get Out." I told you it was jam-packed.