Episode 119 - Rich Uncle Pennybags

Things kick off this week with our new, and most likely temporary, car talk segment. Wine is closing in on the new car of her realistic dreams and the duo talk about the process. Monster gave in to Nintendo and purchased Super Mario Run, the mobile game, and gives his thoughts. The two discuss America's voting problem and realize that the hole keeps getting deeper the more it's explored. Monster talks about the annual Monopoly game going on at supermarket's nationwide and how it's really just a tease. Finally, the two discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars story. Wine gives her thoughts while Monster rants like a madman.



Episode 118 - Where Does The Time Go?

Monster & Wine start things off by getting a little nostalgic, as it's been nearly 10 years since they worked on the first episode of ChaChaCha together. After the trip down memory lane, Monster complains about his neck being thrown out of wack and the pain he's been experiencing. The duo discuss Blink 182's, "California: Deluxe Edition" release. Monster has an update on Operation: Teach Asia and talks about his time as a winner playing the SNES game, "StarFox" back in 1993. Wine hits us with a CarTalk update and that's a wrap this week!



Episode 117 - Getting Shade From Ninja Warriors

This is a doozy for all you Wine, story-time fans out there. It's been an exhausting week for Erin and she recounts the tale of how Mother Nature spurred a series of unfortunate events. A tale of patience-testing practices makes for an entertaining listen folks! Monster talks a bit about the impeachment of South Korea's president. Definitely something that doesn't happen every day. Some talk on the future of, "It's Aways Sunny..." and that's wrap on this weeks episode.



Episode 116 - What A Show!

No, that isn't meant to sound narcissistic. Wine lets everyone know, right off the bat, that the Winter Special Olympics are starting March 18th, so if you're feeling down about the state of the world, watch this and have your spirits lifted. Monster talks, and rants, about Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The two discuss the review for the game and how it still isn't enough for Monster to buy a Nintendo Switch. Things go awry as an alarm sounds in the background on Wine's end and it's anything but a typical recording session. A Monster review for Little Ceasar's Smokehouse pizza and some car talk wrap up this week's good time!



Episode 115 - Surgical Precision

M&W kick things off talking about the weather. Yes, that ol' classic. Let's just say that things have been very abnormal in their respective locations. Monster gets hyped over Little Ceasars, of all things, because of their new Smokehouse BBQ pizza. It's enough to get Wine excited as well. A trip to the dermatologist presents an opportunity for Monster to make social commentary, but it backfires. Masterchef Junior turns out to be better than Masterchef and the two discuss why. Lastly, some news wraps things up and as always, the headlines are real attention grabbers.



Episode 114 - A Waze Away From Home

Wine had quite the adventure trying to get home from work due to the stormy weather hitting SoCal this past week. She decided to rely on the Waze app and the results weren't exactly what she hoped for. It's an epic tale. The kind of tale they make movies out of. Monster delivers reviews for two new Lay's flavors, "Southwestern Queso" and "Beer and Brats." Yeah, you read that correctly. He also briefly mentions the DLC for Resident Evil 7 before the duo both give their thoughts on, "Doctor Strange." Stay safe Californians!



Episode 113 - Party of Two

Monster continues his observations on the 90's drama, "Party of Five" and how they managed to cover almost every possible dramatic thing that could happen to a person. Wine speaks on casual Friday's at the workplace and the unity that Adidas brings. The optometrist adventure comes to an end but not without a bit of a headache for Monster. He also brings up the fact that Japan is calling and he just might answer. Two new Pringles flavors get reviewed, "Spicy Queso" and "Salsa Fiesta." Wine reviews the Taco Bell, "Naked Chicken Chalupa" and the two discuss fortune cookies and how they just aren't what they used to be. 



Episode 112 - Entertaining Thoughts

This episode is all about entertainment and what M&W have to say about. Monster finished Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and gives his final thoughts on the whole package. Wine gives her review for the Denzel Washington film, "Fences." Defying convention, Monster watches a Disney movie, "Moana" and lives to talk about it. BET had a ratings hit with, "The New Edition Story" and Wine gives her thoughts on the 3-part mini-series event. Season 2 of, "Stranger Things" is discussed and Monster tells the tale of how he erupted in the optometrist's office all because of a misunderstanding. Go figure.



Episode 111 - Eye Popping Entertainment

Things kick off this week with a brief mention of the New Zealand basketball player who got his eye popped out in a recent game. The video is real people. Look for it...if you dare. Monster talks about selling the music equipment of his youth and that leads to a discussion on scenesters and how they're in every genre of music. Wine talks about the recent weather in Los Angeles and how it has forced her into becoming her east-coast self. Monster reviews, "Oz the Great and Powerful," and the duo talk about, "The Mick" and "Portlandia" with Monster not realizing the show is recording.



Episode 110 - Man Crush Mondays

M&W hit you fast and hard with the movie reviews this week. On Monster's side of things, he reviews the 1994 video-game-based head-scratcher, "Double Dragon" and the 2016 fantasy film, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Wine talks about 2012's, more-action-than-accurate, "Red Tails," about the Tuskegee airmen. She also talks about 2016's, "Patriots Day," a film about the Boston marathon bombing. Fun stuff. The two discuss Ringling Bros. Circus shutting its doors after 146 years and their personal memories of the circus. Monster elaborates more on his Matthew Fox crush and wacky news wraps this pig in a blanket!


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