Episode 109 - Smooth Talkin’ Reggie

Nintendo recently held a press conference to debut their brand new console, the "Switch" and Monster, being the gamophile that he is, had to talk about it. He and Nintendo have a bumpy past and the duo discuss the new system, it's game, price points and more. It's not all smiles and good times. Aside from the Switch, Wine talks about, "The Good Wife" and the glory that is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as well as the Netflix series, "The Crown." They both give their thoughts on the film, "Hell or High Water." Monster shares his thoughts on the 2011 film, "The Descendants" and they both discuss the animated adult comedy, "Sausage Party." 



Episode 108 - Get Lost

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and thought, "Boy, this towel just isn't cutting it?" Well, Wine felt the same way and this week, find out how micro-fibers have changed her world. It's a winter wonderland these days and the two discuss the polar snaps in Colorado and the consistent rain in California. Oh, the joys of a snow day! Monster gives his thoughts on the TV series, "Lost", watching it for the first time a decade after it's inital airing. This leads to a discussion on television storytelling in general. The two also discuss the genius that is the season 12 premiere of, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and a few wacky new stories wrap up this one folks.



Episode 107 - One More In The Bag

Just when you though you'd have to wait until 2017 for more Monster & Wine, here's another jam-packed episode for you. The duo recap their winter break and mention some of the gifts Santa was kind enough to bring. It's movie review madness with Monster reviewing, "The Accountant" and "Interstellar" and Wine taking a shot at, "LA LA Land." Wine expresses her enjoyment with Amazon Prime's, "The Man in the High Castle." And wrapping things up this year, the two both have reviews for Taco Bell's new Double Stacked tacos. Make sure to ring in the new year safely kids!



Episode 106 - Pretentious Like A FOB Song

Monster is feeling like a kid again by informing Wine that Universal Parks and Resorts are incorporating a Nintendo land! Soon, we'll all be throwing Koopa shells at each and hiding in large green pipes. There are food reviews a go-go with Monster talking about Domino's Mango-Habanero chicken wings, and Little Ceasar's Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Deep Dish Pizza. Wine has a restaurant review for a place called The BLaQhauS and the modern day hipster male is examined. Monster reviews the 2016 version of, "The Magnificent Seven" and shares some commentary on the mobster-classic, "Goodfellas." Finally, the duo discuss Amazon's newest attempt at world domination with Amazon Go. The future is now kids!



Episode 105 - Kojima and Me

Now for something different. This week, Monster & Wine discuss the curious case of Hideo Kojima, world-renowned game creator. The man responsible for one of the biggest game franchises in the world, Metal Gear Solid, had a very nasty split with his long-time employer, Konami. It is a tale of being on top, having the world pulled from beneath you and rising from the ashes. Was that dramatic enough for you? Regardless, Monster delivers the facts and Wine translates it all into laymens terms. There are movie reviews as well with Wine reviewing, "Steve Jobs" and Monster taking on, "Creed" and "Morgan." Please enjoy this unique episode of your favorite podcast.



Episode 104 - Gobble Gobble

No need to fear, M&W are still here. The duo recap their Thanksgiving experience, complete with menu rundowns for all of you with food fetishes. Monster is celebrating 40 years of Rocky (November 21, 1976) by rewatching the entire series. He shares his thoughts about the first four. He also reviews the more recent, "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children." Wine gives her thoughts on Marvel's newest movie, "Doctor Strange," as well as the new David Blaine television special. M&W both had Taco Bell's new Steakhouse Burrito and they share their thoughts. A couple of wacky news stories and that's a wrap!



Episode 103 - The Vote Hath Been Rocked

You probably could have seen this coming, but naturally, M&W are here to discuss the presidential election that took place this past week. The result was unexpected, to say the least, and the duo do their best to explain how things went down and how they feel about it. While a large part of this episode is focused on the election (spoiler-alert), Monster also discusses the new NES classic console, which seems to be all the rage this holiday shopping season. 30 classic NES games for $60. Is it worth it? Listen and find out! Plus, Wine's TV recommendation, "Black Mirror," goes down very well with Monster.



Episode 102 - Rock The Vote

Monster and Wine start things off this week by addressing the elephant in the room; yes, the upcoming presidential election. Listen, this is big news and even they would be remiss to avoid it completely. Turning more towards the superficial side of things, Monster gives his recommendation for the eerie Syfy channel mystery series, "Channel Zero: Candle Cove"  as well as MTV's, "Prescription for Change" documentary and Wine praises the UK-based series, "Black Mirror." Monster is surprised by how much he enjoys Metallic's new single, "Atlas, Rise!," and Wine discovers a new band that gets her toe tapping in Sweden's, The Royal Concept. Wacky news also makes a brief return.



Episode 101 - In A Sea Of TV

It's easy to get lost out there in the sea of television shows, and quite frankly, Wine is feeling a bit overwhelmed. Monster updates Wine, and the audience, on some television shows that he once gave his time to but shall no longer. The duo give a couple of food reviews, with Erin heading over to Taco Bell for a retro-review of sorts and Monster partaking in Burger King's latest offering. Just for the sake of Halloween being right around the corner, Monster throws in his review for the 2016 mystery/thriller, "The Witch." Stay safe trick-or-treaters!



Episode 100 - A Milestone!

Yes, you read that correctly. This is the 100th episode of Monster & Wine! Time sure flies doesn't it? Well, fear not dear listener. The show you've come to know and love is staying the same. A lot of reviews fill this episode with Monster giving his thoughts on the 2016 thriller's, "Hush" and "Don't Breathe." He gives an update on, "American Horror Story and finally finishes, "Luke Cage." The duo talk about the goodness that is, "Atlanta." Wine reviews the Netflix documentary, "13th" and the new Kings of Leon album. It's business as usual folks!


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