Episode 129 - Remember the 90’s?

Well, Monster and Wine sure do and they kick this episode off talking about some of the more memorable musical hits from that questionable decade. Continuing down the path of nostalgia, Monster talks about how he recently started watching the David Lynch drama from 1990, "Twin Peaks." As you may or may not know, Showtime is airing season 3 of, "Twin Peaks," twenty five years after the first two seasons. They duo also discuss NBC's, "The Carmichael Show" and it's attempt to make mass-shootings a topic of conversation. E3 2017 gets a quick recap and Wine wraps this episode up with a quick, spoiler-free Wonder Woman review. See you all after the break!



Episode 128 - Pop Star Rivalry

M&W get right into things by talking about Bill Maher. Why Bill you ask? Well, because as you may or may not know, he's always been a semi-controversial political commentator with a habit of hiding behind his comedy as a way of saying whatever he wants. However, now he's using the N-word a little too lesiurely and has, rightfully so, come under fire for it. The magnificent duo discuss. Also, Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift. Katy drops a new album and Taylor responds by releasing her music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Petty? Sure. Amusing? You bet. Monster and Wine share their thoughts and hope that you enjoy.



Episode 127 - We Break It, You Buy It

M&W kick things off this week talking about street teams, in particular, street teams for bands and basically how it's no longer a thing due to the presence of social media. Monster woefully talks about the new Friday the 13th: The Game and how it has been one of the worst game launches in recent memory. Wine gets a care package from her folks, filled with a variety of different Oreos and the two discuss the wonder that is Hostess and all-new chocolate cake Twinkie. Wacky news is back with a couple of stories to tickle your pickle.



Episode 126 - Excuses For Bad Behavior

Pardon the break, but M&W have returned in all their entertaining glory. Monster immediatly kicks things off with a rant regarding the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and their, "women-only" screenings of "Wonder Woman." This leads to a conversation regarding, "those" people and the evil that lurks in internet, social media culture. Monster also reviews the movies, "Ghost in the Shell" and "Split." Wine talks about her less-than-ordinary commute home from work. "Friday the 13th: The Game" is a thing and Monster shares his skeptical excitement. Business as usual folks!



Episode 125 - Stackin’ Reviews

It's all in the name kiddos. This episode is jam-packed full of reviews. Monster kicks things off by ranting, again, about the band Thrice and the evolution of their sound. This leads to M&W giving their thoughts on the new Paramore album, "After Laughter." Paramore is a perfect segue for the new New Found Glory album, "Makes Me Sick," and Monster gives his rollercoaster thoughts on the album. Trust me, there's a connection between these bands. He also talks about Burger Kings new, "Steak King" sandwich as well as Oreo's, "Fireworks" and "Waffles and Syrup" flavors. The Starz show, "American Gods," gets some shine and the duo wrap things up by discussing the 2017 thriller, "Get Out." I told you it was jam-packed.



Episode 124 - One Less Lonely Girl Cereal

This one right here is chock full of reviews ladies and gents. Monster shares his thoughts on season 1 of USA's, "Colony." Yes, there are spoilers. He also talks about Carl's Jr's, "Breakfast Burger" and new M&M's Caramel. The duo discuss Hugh Jackman's last hurrah as Wolverine the film, "Logan." Wine also tells a funny story about her recent trip to the dentist. She also saw M. Night's most recent film, "Split," albeit not in the way she would have liked. This leads to a discuss on all things M. Night. The episode wraps up with Justin Beiber's recent trip to India and his wonderfully long list of demands.



Episode 123 - The Legend of Debris

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program! Wine is back from some well-deserved time off. Her parents paid her a visit and she talks a bit about their time together. The Car Talk segment is back and this will more than likely be the last installment. Listen and find out why! Wine also gives up her cable subscription and the hunt for a digital antenna is on. The duo hit a wild tangent creating the story of Debris; the R&B, Hip-Hop star that never was. Finally, Monster spends a lot of time, probably too much, giving his thoughts on the series finale of, "Bates Motel." 



Episode 122 - Going 0 to 60

Getting heated, almost instantaenously, is what get's this episode started. We've all been there. We all those things that just make us lose our cool right away. Sometimes it's what's referred to as 1st world problems, and Monster has a thing or two to say about that phrase. M&W discuss, "The Americans," and how they'd like for it to end. Monster gives a quick review for the, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," teaser trailer and ends the episode asking Wine some life changing questions to ponder. (Nothing that serious but hey, you get the idea.)



Episode 121 - Stranger Dew

The duo kick things off with Monster expressing his annoyance over how, "Stranger Things" has become the new benchmark of comparison whenever someone sees a TV show or movie with a group of kids hanging out. Monster's excitement over the, "IT" remake is what fueled this fire. This leads to a discussion on season 2 of, "Stranger Things" and the challenge of putting creativity before the lure of financial gain. M&W discuss their love of Oreo and it's true level of uniqueness. Monster reviews some new Mountain Dew drinks and Wine is giddy over Bette and Joan in FX's, "Feud." Join us, wont' you?



Episode 120 - The Virtual Prostitute

A big, fat chunk of this week's episode belongs to the topic of the recent YouTube boycott. No, people aren't suddenly finished tuning in to videos on the platform, but major advertisers are pulling their ads from YouTube because they've realized that their products/services/brands are being placed in front of videos of questionable content/taste. Monster discusses the most recent episode of Bates Motel, "Marion" and how it ties in with the classic, "Psycho" film. Wine wraps this beefy episode up with some Car Talk and how the hunt for a new ride might be coming to an end. 


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